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The magic is in the embodiment.

When we connect with our body, we can hear the messages it’s trying to tell us. There’s power within that, and it’s that empowerment that creates the shift and allows us to live the best life we possibly can. It’s this work – connecting with clients, holding space, and allowing them to realize their own wellness potential – that truly lights me up!

Hello! Katie Dray, here! I have been a Registered Massage Therapist for over thirteen years, and most recently I have become a Registered Yoga Teacher, Naturopathic Practitioner, and Certified BodyMind Coach. What's that, you say? At it's core, BodyMind Coaching is an embodied conversation that gives a voice to the body, allowing you, the client, to make more informed decisions within your life.

BodyMind Coaching is an unbelievably powerful process. Through this process, and in combination with my experience as an RMT, I help people who are ready to make the shift, and transform their relationship with pain or stress, and simply listen to what their body is saying. Sometimes it's a *whisper*, a nudge, or subtle gut-feeling, and other times it's a SCREAM! When you learn to understand what the body is saying, and truly hear the messages it's trying to deliver to the mind, you can make better choices in your life. Best of all, with BodyMind Coaching, I help you tune in, make empowered, heart-centered, aligned choices, and curate the life you DESERVE and are READY to live!

Yoga has been a part of my life since 2012, when I took my first class with my best friend. Ever since, I could see first hand the benefits, both mentally and physically, and how it can shape the course of your day, and even your life. In 2019, I became a Registered Yoga Teacher (200 hours) with Yoga Alliance, enabling me to bring these benefits to my clients.

What is possible for us, now that we've been given this time, this global pause, to create a new vision of how we want to live?

What is possible, when we listen to what our body is telling us.. and live Body-Mind-Connected?


What if honoring ourselves, made space for ease and freedom?

Through embodied actions, like pausing and taking in moments that light up ourselves, breathing and tuning into the body, creating space and being curious, we can achieve the freedom and peace we seek.

How can I support you? Let's connect, and embark on this journey together.

"Katie is a gifted Registered Massage Therapist. Not only does she have healing hands, a deep understanding about how the body works, and a profound capacity for empathy, her presence is calming and lovely to be around. Katie actually listens and I wouldn't go anywhere else." -JH

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